Corporate and Commercial

Here at Vlasceanu and Partners, we guide ourselves by the principle that “the devil is in the details”. That is why, when faced with an assignment of setting up the structure of a commercial investment, we first understand the whole set of client’s goals, take a long term perspective, analyze all possible implications and precedents (if any), and (from all available options) eventually recommend the optimal corporate structure.

The team members of our Corporate and Commercial Practice have directly experienced the benefits of proper corporate governance from within large multinational organizations. Within such goal oriented environment, they have developed the ability to go beyond the traditional consultancy boundaries and come up with concrete and practical business aligned solutions.

Our team members have designed, implemented and surveilled corporate set ups of foreign entities as well as domestic complicated investment structures. We have advised on transactions involving some of the largest international oil and gas majors (both on the Romanian jurisdiction as well as other Black Sea affiliated jurisdictions), large M&A deals in highly complex business industries (e.g. oil and gas, banking, leasing, IT etc) in various South Eastern European jurisdictions, but also day to day operations of domestic affiliates of foreign investors.

What makes us different is our strong business acumen sharpened through a multitude of commercial negotiations (e.g. business transfer agreements, joint ventures, farm-outs, distribution contracts, all types of real estate/ construction related transactions, loans/ leasing/ financing/ guarantee transactions, service agreements, asset/ share deals etc). We handle more than purely legal assignments as we undertake commercial negotiations involving risks/ benefits analysis and sensitive decisions on the spot. We have sat across the table with different nationality counterparties and have learnt to respect multicultural differences. Understanding one’s discussion partner is key in any commercial negotiation and we have the ability to undertake multiparty discussions, being able to streamline achievements to the best interest of our client.

Through our previous projects, we have developed a strong network of professionals active in the management consulting field. Based on such partnerships, we are able to understand practical implications that may exceed legal boundaries and factor them into the project strategy and, therefore, optimize the quality of our advice.