Data Processing

Within a business environment that becomes increasingly dependant on virtual communication and where the public awareness on handling personal data is constantly rising, proper processing of personal data has become a priority for enterprises. While methods of electronic communication evolve and the European regulations often become more stringent, so does the need of personal data security of every individual.

We hold the expertise required to assist our clients throughout the entire regulatory process. Our experience developed over many projects and interactions with the regulatory bodies makes us familiar with the compliance mechanisms and regulators’ interpretations. We have supported clients from various industries in designing and implementing data protection procedures and internal policies to be observed during their regular operations (e.g. recruiting personnel, handle employment contracts, manage car pools, health/ security and environment management systems etc). We have implemented processes for specific data involving health and medical aspects, religious affiliation, personal ID numbers, video surveillance collected data, car monitoring etc. At the same time, we have advised on special compliance rules when it comes to classified data and conditions that have to be met for transferring such confidential/ classified data outside the Romanian borders.

In close cooperation with our client’s internal teams, we are often involved in preparing the required documentation (both for internal use, as well as for submission to the regulatory bodies) as well as to assist during regulatory bodies audits. We always strive to design simple internal processes that subsequently can be easily transferred to all types of data requiring special management. As each project is unique, we help clients understand the specificity thereof, the constraints applicable for each category of data processed, the processing limitations and the required third party disclosure.

Being aware of the complexity of the applicable legal framework, we always direct our knowledge towards bringing simplicity into the client’s flows, as such being able to provide practical solutions that would, in the end, accommodate the client’s business needs.