Unlike other legal business areas, dealing with employment assignments enables us to come closest to the essential element of almost any business: the people. Therefore, whenever faced with an employment matter, we put things into the right perspective: first, we analyse the high(er)/ collateral/ long-term possible implications and only afterwards recommend the legally acceptable way forward.

Here at Vlasceanu & Partners we strive towards enhancing our clients’ understanding of the complex legal system governing the employer-employee relationship. We handle the full range of employment matters, always ensuring that our clients make informed decisions observing the rights as well as the obligations of both the employer and the employee.

Our Employment Practice works side by side with our client’s human resources specialists to identify practical solutions outside the box. Our experience across many and complex aspects in the employment field helps us to fully understand the challenges our clients face and to identify the most suitable business solutions.

On a corporate level, the members of our team have dealt with matters related to transfer of personnel, restructuring schemes, collective and individual layoffs, preparation and negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, labour policies and internal regulations. We are familiar with a large variety of issues closely related to the individual labour agreement (e.g. relocation and secondment, overtime, night work, discrimination, harassment at work, required medical check-ups, maternity leave etc.). As part of our previous involvement on such employment matters, we have assisted clients in their discussions with the employee representatives or unions on a number of issues (such as internal regulations or collective negotiations), always striving to find the optimal balance between union’s demands and the corporate interest.

Our team members constantly endeavour to provide comprehensive solutions that comprise the most pragmatic approach for all actors involved; if possible, we recommend an amicable settlement; if such an option is no longer available, we recommend a solid and robust way forward to withstand the challenges of a future litigation.

When providing advice we don’t constrain ourselves to the pure legal boundaries. We enjoy excellent partnership relations with a number of management consulting and human resources specialized companies/ individuals; such partnerships have been cemented during previous projects we have completed (e.g. business transfers, outsourcings, restructuring processes etc.). Through such partnerships, we are able to identify practical implications that may fall outside the legal sphere, but that may prove valuable for the project.

Our Employment Practice works regularly with our Dispute Resolution and Insolvency Practice in order to benefit of their large litigation experience and to provide therefore, a broader integrated perspective over the employment related assignments.