EU Funding

After joining the European Union, a multitude of business streams became eligible for EU funding. Yet, the legal framework covering the absorption of EU funds in Romania is of high complexity and requires multi-tier compliance exigencies; therefore, success can only be achieved with support of professionals that already possess the necessary knowledge and expertise.

Our team holds the legal expertise and knowledge on how the EU funding policy evolved, while our experience enables us to provide practical solutions and support throughout the entire project: from the initial identification of the funding category, throughout the eligibility assessment and the Romanian and EU regulators’ assessment (including the preparation of the required documentation) and up to the execution and implementation of each project, including the receipt of due payments.

We have been in close contact with both Romanian relevant authorities as well as with the relevant stakeholders under the European Commission; we have prepared and defended in front of the approving bodies of the European Commission the legal rationale of complex business cases that ultimately obtained European funding. Therefore, we are familiar and able to meet not only with the requirements put in place by the Romanian authorities, but also the more stringent conditions imposed by the European bodies.

In cooperation with our Environmental Practice, our EU Funding Practice is constantly up-to-date with the constantly changing regulatory framework, the market changes, analysts and public authorities’ judgements (as they might play a vital role in interpreting and meeting the criteria imposed for obtaining the EU payments). As such, we have created a dynamic network of domestic and foreign experts in various fields (e.g. public procurement, environment, real estate etc) that may provide support on short notice for sensitive projects ensuring a comprehensive and holistic approach in dealing with EU reimbursements.