Information Technology

The importance of Information Technology (IT) is undeniable and so are the extensively digitalized operations in the overall economy of any business. So how do we use the Information Technology in compliance with the applicable law? How do we protect our creations? How do we create and protect the related intellectual property rights while observing other players’ rights under the specific applicable law? These are questions which require an attentive assessment (and, sometimes, a technical understanding) of the entire technology a company uses. The digitalization and process automation are significant aspects to be considered today in almost all economic sectors by any company interested in raising efficiency of its internal processes, reducing operational costs and/or the workflow process or in offering its clients attractive and user-friendly experiences.

Digitalization is a highly complex process leading to profound operational and organizational changes. Since it influences most (if not all) stages of a company’s operational workflow, digitalization entails not only a business assessment, but also a legal analysis of how it may be implemented so as to ensure legal compliance with all applicable regulations (especially considering that digitalization is not yet clearly regulated in the existing business environment).

Our Information Technology team has been involved in projects encompassing all legal aspects of the development, distribution, implementing and operating IT solutions for business management and digitalization in various fields. Our colleague, Loredana Vlasceanu who is coordinating out IT practice, is an uncommon attorney by having a substantial in-depth understanding of the technical implications in the IT field, as well as a broad knowledge of the industry specifics and developments. Loredana has perfected her IT legal coverage while she coordinated, for several years, the legal practice of a global technology provider developing and delivering state-of-the-art information, protection and management solutions for top private and public organizations.