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Ordonanta militara 3

Daniel Vlasceanu – Partner, Vlasceanu & Partners


25 Martie 2020

Masuri suplimentare de de preventie a raspandirii COVID-19 (Ordonanta Militara nr. 3 din 24 martie 2020)

In data de 24 Martie 2020 a fost publicata in Monitorul Oficial Ordonanta Militara nr. 3 privind masuri de preventie a raspandirii COVID-19 (“Ordonanta Militara nr. 3”)

Ordonanta Militara nr. 3 stabileste termene diferite de intrare in vigoare, in functie de masurile adoptate (mai jos detaliate).

I. Prevederi Relevante

  • 1. Interzicerea circulatiei tuturor persoanelor (conform Art 1 din Ordonanta Militara nr 3).

    Sunt exceptate (printre altele):

    • deplasarile in interes profesional;
    • deplasarile pentru asigurarea bunurilor ce acopera necesitati de baza/ profesionale;
    • deplasarea pentru asistenta medicala.
  • 2. In cazul deplasarilor in interes profesional

    angajatii vor prezenta legitimatia de serviciu SAU adeverinta eliberata de angajator.

    In cazul deplasarilor justificate de alte motive exceptionale, se va prezenta o declaratie pe proprie raspundere, completata in prealabil.

    Conform art. 4 din Ordonanta Militara nr. 3, ce le de mai sus intra in vigoare la 25 Martie 2020, ora 12:00.

  • 3. Documentele care expira pe perioada starii de urgenta vor putea preschimbate in 90 de zile

    de la data incetarii starii de urgenta (conform art. 12 din Ordonanta Militara nr. 3). Intrucat nu sunt prevazute detalii, este de asteptat ca aceasta prevedere sa provoace o anumita confuzie in practica.

  • 4. Nerespectarea prevederilor Art. 1-5

    atrage raspunderea disciplinara, civila, contraventionala sau penala, dupa caz.

Acest newsletter a fost pregatit exclusiv in scop de informare generala si nu se va interpreta ca si consultanta juridica. In masura in care considerati util sa aflati mai multe despre aspectele ce fac obiectul acestui newsletter, va rugam sa ne contactati.


25 March 2020

Supplementary measures to prevent spreading of COVID-19 (Military Ordinance no. 3 dated on 24 March 2020)

Upon 24 March 2020, the Military Ordinance no. 3 regarding supplementary measures to prevent spreading of COVID-19 was published in the Official Gazette (the “3rd Military Ordinance”).

The 3rd Military Ordinance sets forth different dates for its entry into force, depending on the measures adopted (please see below).

I. Relevant provisions

  • 1. Travel restrictions are set for all persons (as per Art 1 of the 3rd Military Ordinance).

    The following are exempted (among others) :

    • work travelling;
    • travelling for securing goods for basic / work related needs;
    • travelling due to medical reasons.
  • 2. In case of work travelling

    employees must present their work badge OR a certificate issued by their employer.

    In case of other exceptional travelling reasons, a previously signed statement must be presented.

    As per Art. 4 of the 3rd Military Ordinance, the above enter into force as of 25 March 2020, 12:00.

  • 3. Permits/ authorizations expiring during the emergency period may be extended within 90 days

    following termination of the emergency state (as per Art. 12 of the Military Ordinance no. 3). As no additional details are provided, certain confusion is likely to be expected during application of said provision.

  • 4. Breach of the obligations set under Art. 1-5

    triggers disciplinary, civil, contraventional or criminal liability, as the case may be.

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