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    89 Emanoil Porumbaru Street, Ground Floor, 1st District, 011424, Bucharest, Romania

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    +40 314053007

Ștefan ENE

has substantial experience in the business legal field. Stefan’s experience includes a long-time collaboration as an in-house attorney within the largest oil and gas producer in Central & South Eastern Europe, where he led the environmental practice.

Stefan distinguishes himself through his thorough and practical approach anchored on his strong legal background, profound understanding of the business aspects and high amplitude projects (some of national strategic importance) which he has coordinated.

Stefan has strong leadership skills and an excellent ability to coordinate cross functional team(s). He is known for his “out of the box” and strategic thinking, as well as for his ability to work under pressure, being able to deal proactively with fast changing regulations.


  • INPPA – National Institute for Professional Development of Lawyers 2009 – 2010
  • Faculty of Law, Bucharest University 2004 – 2008


Stefan is a frequent publisher on various environmental law topics, his articles being published in both legal and business magazines (links can be found under the Articles section).


Stefan is a member in good standing of the Bucharest Bar Association since 2009.


Stefan is fluent in English.