Real Estate & Urbanism

The Romanian real estate environment engaged on an upward trend for the last couple of years with investors looking again for a long-term and sustainable perspective. Within such environment, our Real Estate Practice can deploy specialized services provided by a number of reputable legal and commercial negotiators that developed their experience through complex transactions involving both foreign and/ or domestic investors.

The sophisticated Romanian regulatory framework combined with the relatively hard–to-track title history regularly requires creative solutions. Benefiting from the multidisciplinary background of our team members, Vlasceanu, Nyerges and Partners are able to handle all types of regulatory issues for a multitude of construction projects (e.g. FIDIC based, EPC, EPCC etc), starting with the very first remediation/ site preparation till the last decommissioning/ demobilization stage.

In most real estate/ construction related assignments, securing the location is just the first phase of a larger project. We know that the relationships established during this phase with the local communities/ authorities/ other stakeholders will put their mark on the subsequent development of the project. Therefore, when it comes to real estate projects, we always embark on a holistic approach: we are particularly mindful to the consequences exceeding the legal sphere (e.g. permitting, finance etc) and we always calibrate our actions in strict correlation with the following milestones of the whole project.

Our members of the Real Estate Practice have been called in to analyze real estate implications within large projects (e.g. mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, business transfers etc). We share the same mindful attitude when performing our real estate due diligence: we correlate and integrate the implications of other streams (e.g. financial/ taxation, commercial and/ or regulatory) into our work when delivering the conclusions for the broader project.

With excellent expertize in the environment, regulatory and litigation disciples, Vlasceanu & Partners can pull in the required resources for handling complex real estate and construction projects. At the same time, over past projects, we have developed several partnerships with real estate, geo/ topographical and environmental experts that may respond to assignments on a short notice, enabling us to provide fully fledged consulting services.